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The knocking on the door increased getting harder and harder by the second.


The voice of the man knocking on the door was alarmed and confused.
The man knew something wasn't right.
He knew how the captain would respond in this situation even with a woman at his chambers, but he continued to pound on the door.

"Cap'n?! Can you hear me? I said Cap'n Beilschmidt is coming!"

His raucous tone getting louder by the minute he spoke.
Then a familiar figure stood in his presence, holding an unconscious body by the figure's side.

"Hello mate, ready to take orders from me?"

'He' said in a friendly way. The man's pupils dilated, his eyes widen.
Someone was at the doorway.
The clicking of the gun was heard…from the prisoner they have captured.
Captain Seam had taken Arthur as hostage.

"Wh-what have you done to Cap'n Kirkland!…You-you whore!"

The man insulted _____, her eye brows grew closer to each other.
She retorted at the man with a gunshot to indicate that she was not to be taken lightly.
Oh… have I mentioned that the tip of the gun was pointed on Arthur?
The man and his crewmen's faces turned pale.
They had remembered why Captain Seam had so many treasures, had been famous as their Captain, had been secretly been a role model to many pirates alike and had been feared by many, it is because she is a pirate herself.

"Yo-you killed the captain! You killed the-"
The man that had given the warning had been cut off by the clicking sound of a gun.

She hushed the man with her pointing finger on the middle of her lips.

She used her impersonation of the male character, certainly the biggest lie of them all.  
"Your captain is sleeping…you don't want him to stay that way do you?"
She teasingly said.

She showed Arthur to his crew like someone who gave a bountiful of flowers on a summer day. She placed her firearm against the male's head ready to fire at any given moment.

"The man's still breathing; he's not dead…yet. That's just a blank."

Arthur was still mentally unaware of what the situation was around him.
In fact he really did look like he was sleeping.
His men gazed intensively at him just to be sure _____didn't lie to them.
One of the men moved closer to place his hand on his neck to see if there was still a pulse beating. _____ pulled the trigger a bit more closely, reminding the man of what she was capable of.


"He" she interrupted him correcting his mistake. The man looked at her strangely, however obeyed her knowing who he was dealing with.

"…He's right…the Cap'n alive"

He turned around to meet her eyes glimmering from the moonlight.
He could sense a little victory dance she wanted to do so badly, but were hidden from her joyous aura. He gave a look to his crew as if they knew how to communicate telepathically and nodded each other.

"Alright…what are your orders…Cap'n Seam?" The man spoke for them all.

She gave a small smirk; _____ gave the crew a small warning before proceeding to do anything.

"…I don't want the cat out of the bag…so don't ever address me as a she and so on…or you'll be feeding the fishes…savvy?" She lilted her head a bit.

"...Ay aye Cap'n"
All of Arthur's men had willingly submitted to her feet.


"Kesesesesesese, I'm so awesome! Zhe hairy lady (Arthur) hasn't notice a thing und look!"

The Prussian grasped his first mate by the neck with his arm, pulling him into his bubble, shoving his spyglass into his eyeball.

"It's ulready lights out! Zhis makes zhe invasion much easier! The awesome me is just that awesome! Kesesese"

The albino patted his first mate on the shoulder as the man continued to observe through the tube. His captain had a wide grin all over his face, a smile he usually has before his enemies were defeated.
The narcissistic personality his captain had got in the way sometimes,but he had to admit when it came to raiding, cease, and capture he was a professional.

"Seem your right, Cap'n"

He sighed mainly because he didn't like the idea invading at the middle of the night, even if it was a good strategy.

"Of course I'm right! Zhis plan vas created by zhe awesome me!"

The man patted harder on his shoulder, making him flinch a bit.
His captain fiddled the insides of his navy blue coat.
A gun was now in the possession of his hands, his smile fading into a smirk.
'Captain Awesome' sieges the entrance of his ship, the ships parallel to each other.

"Let's go"


_____ held Arthur close to her.
His men position in the shadows in the darkness.
The moon and the stars were their only light to guide them, besides the lanterns that their enemies carried.
Gilbert set his boots on the deck, followed by several feet that echoed throughout the vessel due to its silence, his excitement sobering up. He had a little voice inside his  head nagging at him about the suspicion surrounding the ship.

"Zhis doesn't seem right…"

He spoke softly but audible enough for the men behind him to hear.


There were sudden rapid fires of cannon balls at his ship.
Gilbert outraged by the predicament could only express the shock.  

"vhat zhe hell?!"  

The night brighter than it was moments ago, lifted the dark blanket that concealed the person responsible.

"Good evening"

The person greeted him informally. Her black coat flowed with the wind, the attire and voice Gilbert knew too well.

"Seam?! Vhat are you doing on zhis ship?!" he demanded.

Before _____ replied to his question he felt a cold metal against the skin of his throat along the boys he brought with him, the rest of his crew dead.
He saw a body near Seam, was it dead he ask himself.

"That is none of your business Beilschmidt."
_____ was impartial of her tone.

The Prussian vessel now in the waters of Davie Jones' locker, and with 95% of her (Gilbert's ship) crew gone, this made Gilbert feel a bit 'unawesome', a line which never should have been crossed.

The Prussian threw a tantrum.
"You arschloch! You vill pay for zhis!"

He was like a German shepherd restrained to a leash before he could attack.
During this time Arthur regain consciousness, he took his time to analyze his surroundings, mustering the familiar voices.

"Chain him up along with his leftovers…and search him with the others…try anything against me your Cap'n will be meeting his creator" the voice sounded demanding, making his ears pound a bit.

"you cannot imprison zhe awesome me! You vill pay vith your 'unawesomeness'!"

"Try me snow white"

"Vhat!!! You little-"

The sudden wind was caused by the harsh closing of the brig door, blowing away a few strands of hair from Arthur's face.
He slowly opened his eyes.
The blackout experience came with an aftershock headache causing him not to think clearly.
He looked up to the male silhouette that had an iron grip on him.


She turned her back around to the source of the sound, the back end of her coat slapping him across the face.
He felt the cold end of her pistol on his head.
The open ends of his shirt touched the wooden floor, his hands and feet together.
His shivering body seeks the need of warmth since his shirt was unbuttoned.

His crew said all at once, relieved at the sight.

"Good evening Kirkland...and you're welcome."

_____was at his right side addressing him in a friendly matter, her (e/c) orbs glimmered in the light.
The mocking smile covering her lips said the enjoyment in the authority she possess.
But when she gazed into Arthur's green pools she was feeling a bit uneasy on the way he made eye contact with her. She castaway her eyes from his, the emotion his eyes held were completely unreadable.
The emotions she thought he would contain, anger was far away from the list. ____ feeling worried about the reaction returned to her aggressive façade.
She straightens her back as she faced the tired sailors.

"Did you make sure Beilschmidt and his men have no weapons or any other of the sorts at their possessions?"
_____ asked the group of men.

"Aye, here are their belongings." One of them shouted.

"Then bring it to me."

The man stepped out of the crowd heading towards her carrying a bag.
Once the man stood in front of her, she gently took the bag from his grasp and dismissed him and the crew.

"Alright, good night." she plainly said.

"WHAT?! Just like that?!"

The sudden outburst came from the man that had brought her the bag shouting in disbelief.
She cocked her gun growing annoyed by this.
The man felt the back of his hairs stand up right as the hot-blooded woman pointed he firearm at him.
He draws back from his stance wishing he never protested.
She withdrew her gun as she wordlessly went inside of the cabin, while locking the door behind her dragging Arthur on the floor.


The brig was surrounded with amounts of laughter in the ill-lit room.


The expression of happiness only came from one man.
His head against the wall looking at the ceiling, sitting on the prison floor, his remaining crewmen stared at him with concern faces.
His laughter grew more and more obnoxious.
What was he laughing at?
Certainly it can't be the dirty damp prison walls and floors, the cold atmosphere, the lost of his ship, the death of 95% of his men and most importantly his defeat to his rival. One brave man was willing to know for the others.

"Um…Cap'n Beilschmidt…are you…ok?"

The man uncertain if he should of asked at all.

"Kesesesese…kesesese…KESESESESESESESE" Gilbert found the strength to calm himself; he ran his fingers through his snow-like hair.

I do not own:
*Arthur(England) or any future Hetalia charaters coming up in the story
*the preview picture [link]

but i do own the story.

Chapters: [link]

So what the hell was gilbert (Prussia) laughing at...and
what did you and arthur do when you went inside the cabin?
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